Under the Veil

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Written by Lauren Elens and Joseph Bromfield
April 7th

As part of Emancipation Day at Chimborazo Park

September, 1862. Richmond, Virginia. In the wake of the bloodiest day of the Civil War, news of Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation reaches the Capital of the Confederacy. A pair of Richmond women latch onto these rays of hope and wrestle with the next step in their fight for freedom. Both of these women were baptized at St. John’s Episcopal Church. Both were sent away to be educated in Philadelphia. Both want to see their country reunited and slavery abolished. And yet, one woman was once the property of the other. Will Elizabeth Van Lew and Mary Elizabeth Bowser successfully subvert the Confederate government from within the city limits? Or will their risk-taking lead them to exile, imprisonment, or even execution? When an unexpected visitor arrives with a letter from a mysterious ‘James Ap. Jones’ addressed to his ‘dear Aunt,’ these two women find themselves at a crossroads of national consequence.

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3215 E Broad St, Richmond, VA 23223