Archived: For the Duration: Letters from Home

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Written and Directed by Pam Webb

October 17th  |  7:00pm
*Talkback following the performance.

Virginia War Memorial – 621 S Belvidere St, Richmond, VA 23220

Join us for the first in Quill Theatre’s 2017-18 Historical Reading Series – For the Duration: Letters from Home.

When the United States was attacked on December 7th, 1941 at Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces, President Roosevelt asked Congress to declare war on Japan. Within an hour of his speech, the United States had officially entered World War II. And when hundreds of thousands of Americans decided to immediately enlist in service of their country, they didn’t know how long they’d be away. They were simply enlisted “for the duration.”

There are hidden meanings beneath the simple words of love, fear, and hope in these letters between lovers, families, and friends. This one night only unique event will feature readings from real letters from the Virginia War Memorial, the It Took a War Project, and the James Triesler Collection, and will give just a glimpse into the real world challenges, triumphs, and losses of soldiers abroad and their loved ones at home.


Produced in Partnership with the Virginia War Memorial

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621 S Belvidere St, Richmond, VA 23220