Quill Theatre’s Bardathon offers an opportunity for students from many different schools to collaborate on the production of a single Shakespeare play. The program is produced with ongoing annual support from the Richmond Chapter of the English Speaking Union, which allows schools to participate in the Bardathon free of charge.

image002Beginning in the fall, each participating school group is assigned a single scene in the selected Shakespeare play. Over the following months, students prepare this scene under the guidance of a faculty sponsor, and with the support of Quill Theatre education staff. The following spring (typically mid-March), pieces of the play prepared by each school group come together over the course of a full day of performance. The show is streamed live online to allow schools, parents, community groups, and other audiences to enjoy the performance. While most participating schools are from the Greater Richmond community, a Russian school from St. Petersburg has participated every year since the beginning of the program, nine years ago!

Our 2018 Bardathon will be held on March 23rd, 2018, and the play this year is Romeo and Juliet.