Quill Theatre announces auditions for the 19th annual Richmond Summer Shakespeare Festival held at Agecroft Hall in June and July of 2017.

Directors James Ricks and Jemma Alix Levy are seeking an energetic ensemble of actors of all ages and ethnicities who are adept at Shakespearean verse. All roles are open.

First round auditions will be held on Saturday, March 11th, 2017, 10:30am – 5:00pm at The Depot, 814 W. Broad Street, VCU campus. Callbacks will be held Sunday, March 12, 2017, 1:30pm – 10:00pm at The Depot, 814 W. Broad Street, VCU campus.

Please bring TWO headshots and resumes with you to the first round audition and allow enough time to fill out the Quill audition form in duplicate. Those auditioning are asked to prepare a 1 minute memorized Shakespearean monologue (verse). No monologues from either show please. Most acting positions paid. Student Performance Intern positions available on a limited basis.

First round auditions by appointment only. To schedule an audition slot, please email Melissa@QuillTheatre.org. Please indicate which play(s) for which you would like to audition and the time slot you’d prefer. No phone calls please.

Love’s Labours Lost

Directed by James Ricks
Performed at Agecroft June 1st-25th, 2017. Rehearsals being around April 17th, 2017

Character Breakdown

Ferdinand, King Of Navarre – (M, 20-30’s) The young ruler who decides to ban all mirth, banqueting and the company of women in order to pursue concentrated study.

Berowne  (M. 20-30’s) Lord of the court, friend of Ferdinand

Longaville (M, 20-30’s) Lord of the court, friend to Ferdinand

Dumaine (M, 20-30’s) Lord of the court, friend of Ferdinand

Boyet (M, 25-45 French courtier and counsel to the Princess of France – very smooth

Don Adriano de Armado (M, 30-45) An affected Spanish braggart

Sir Nathaniel (M, 35-65) A comical pedant, companion and emulator of his friend Holofernes

Holofernes (M, 35-65) A comical pedant.  Conceited, intolerant, superior.

Dull (M, No age specification ) Local constable.  The name says it all.

Costard (M, 20’s-40’s) Quick-witted clown; a rustic, very clever with language.

Moth (M or F, teen) Don Armado’s page, small and extremely quick-witted

Princess of France (F, 20-30’s) Heir to the throne

Rosaline (F, 20-30’s) Lady Attendant to Princess of France

Maria (F, 20-30’s) Lady Attendant to Princess of France

Katherine (F, 20-30’s) Lady Attendant to Princess of France

Jaquenetta (F, 20-35) Country wench.  The subject of Armado and Costard’s affections

* Uncompensated ensemble roles are also available.


Directed by Jemma Alix Levy
Performed at Agecroft July 6th-29th, 2017. Rehearsals begin around May 22nd, 2017.

Character Breakdown

Duncan/Old Man/Murderer (M, 40’s) vibrant, kindly, and charismatic

Malcolm (M, 18 – 25) noticeably youthful, but smart and strong

Banquo/Siward/Captain (M, 30 – 50) war veteran, intelligent, driven

Macduff/Attendant (M, 30 – 50) warrior with a soft side, loving father; actor must have strong fight skills

Macbeth (M, 25 – 50) extraordinary charismatic leader and warrior, but gullible; actor must have strong fight skills

Witch 3/Young Siward/Messenger (M, 18 – 30) actor must have strong fight skills

Donalbain/Fleance/Macduff’s son (M, 10 – 17)

Angus/Hecate/Attendant (F, 20+) powerful

Lady Macduff/Witch/Menteith (F, 25 – 45) protective, intelligent, strong

Lady Macbeth/Caithness (F, 30 – 45 charismatic, aggressive, intelligent, strategist

Lennox (M or F, 25+) loyal, manipulative

Ross (M or F, 30+) politic, intelligent peace-maker

Porter/Witch/Doctor/Murderer (M or F, 25+) clown

* Uncompensated ensemble roles are also available.